Effigies Discography

Effigies Front Cover
Hope and Change b/w I'll Get By / Spy vs. Spy

(CD) Reside - Released on Criminal IQ 2007 (CD) Remains Nonviewable - Reissued by Touch and Go in 1995 includes additional liners notes
Effigies - Ink Album Cover Effigies - Fly On A Wire Album Cover
(Vinyl and Casette) Remains Nonviewable  - Roadkill Records 1989

Ink-  (vinyl) - Enigma 1986/ cassette - Restless Records 1986 (Vinyl) Fly on a wire- 1985 - Enigma/Fever
Effigies - Forever Grounded Effigies - We're Da Machine E.P. Effigies - Bodybag
(Vinyl) For Ever Grounded - 1985 - Enigma/Ruthless

(Vinyl) Were Da Machine - Engima/Ruthless - 1983 Bodybag/Security -(7" single)
Released on Ruthless Records in 1982.
Effigies - Haunted Toan
Effigies VML single
Haunted Town
V. M. L. Live
 (Five-track E.P.) Released on Autumn Records in 1981. Later re-released in 1984 under the Ruthless Records label, with "Security" as added track.
(7") V. M. L. Records - 1996 - Live at Lounge Axe show 1995


Effigies - Busted at Oz The Enigma Variations The Enigma Variations - Casette
Busted at Oz (reissued 2011)

The Enigma Variations The Enigma Variations (cassette)
Middle of America Compilation

Middle of America

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